Types of Coaching for Both Individual and Teams

  • Leadership Development/Executive Coaching – helping you grow your business and team culture using the At+Positive methodology
  • Discover how to reach your personal best leveraging your strengths and minimizing your limitations

Format of Coaching

  • In-person
  • Skype/Phone Coaching

A mind At+Positive has unlimited potential to achieve happiness and success. Our goal is to engage you to invest in your personal strengths and professional happiness so you can realize positive and profitable returns at home and at work. We will work with you to create a diversified Happiness Portfolio to get and keep you At+Positive.

As both a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and one of 12 Certified Happiness Advantage Coaches,  Joanie Muench integrates scientific research with over 25 years of practical management experience to help her clients realize the cultural and financial benefits of a positive workplace. Her approach is focused on the whole person encouraging clients to be their true, authentic self at home and at work. Joanie coaches on the power of individualization,  realizing that success is different for everyone and to be successful,  you need to be happy and actively engaged in using your personal strengths.  

Joanie Muench Gallup Strengths Speaker At Positive Speaker

Joanie is an active listener.  She encourages and challenges clients to be the best version of themselves.  Clients who work with Joanie will create short and long term goals focused on achieving personal and professional success.  In the words of a client,  “Our coaching sessions offer me a productive recess from my busy days and motivate me to develop positive programs that are creating the framework  to take my business to the next level.”  

Learning and living At+Positive is critical to being happy, but if you aren’t actively using your unique strengths and talents productively, you will be challenged to achieve full happiness.