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test and implement new ideas


       positive  +   productive  +  performance driven


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Innovative Project Solutions

922 Solutions

Have a conversation. Listen + Learn.

​Joanie can help your organization unlock the power of a mind At+Positive–creating unlimited potential to achieve happiness and success. Our goal is to engage you to invest in your personal strengths and professional happiness to realize positive and profitable returns.

Get Work Done. Meet Deadlines.

Joanie’s team of solutions-based workers can come into your organization to relieve your management team of administrative tasks, meet immediate deadlines, streamline and evaluate existing process(es), and test and implement new ideas.

Know your strengths. Share Your strengths.

Everyone has talent and Clifton Strengths Finder helps you discover yours. Finding your strengths is a key part of Joanie’s coaching program and she developed StrengthsSwag, a unique and professionally designed line of products to help  you share your talent with the world. 

922 Delivers Results with Insight

We are experienced problem solvers. Our educated and highly skilled resource teams listen to your needs and help you set clear and realistic expectations.  We respond immediately to changes in project dynamics and provide ongoing feedback with valuable metrics. We ask questions and offer creative solutions with a promise to deliver quality results.

Valuable Insight

Our extensive and diverse experiences translate well across project type, organization, and industry.  We offer a fresh perspective consistently applying knowledge gained, lessons learned and best practices to everything we do.  At the core of our success is an innovative, flexible work model that attracts talented and qualified individuals. Our teams embrace our signature “3P” philosophy –  positive, productive, and performance-driven – to exceed expectations every time.

Projects Done Right

Our client relationships are strong, built on mutual benefit, respect, and trust. We care about our clients and the work we do, using a collaborative management approach to address your needs from beginning to end.

Best Solution

Businesses have a professional, cost-effective, motivated resource team whom they can count on to deliver quality results using the best process possible.

Joanie Muench, CEO & Founder

Joanie believes in the promise of people.  Everyone has the potential to discover their talents, build their confidence and find success.  Like happiness, investing in yourself is simply a choice.  It can be achieved with training and practice, regardless of our circumstances, and it’s worth it! She has a contagious energy that will help motivate you to create new habits, maximize your unique abilities and share them in a productive and profitable way.  Her ability to connect and effectively communicate with diverse teams using a collaborative approach is signature to her success. Joanie has over 25 years of experience working with organizations to challenge the status quo, build effective teams and create innovative solutions.

She is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Employee Engagement & BP10 Consultant and Certified Happiness Advantage Coach. As the founder of 922 solutions, she partners with organizations to provide project-based solutions for testing new ideas, fostering member relationships and bring new programs to market. She is a graduate of Loyola University and lives in the Chicagoland area with her family. 

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What people say about 922solutions

Joanie was able to positively connect with our team to assess, evaluate and recommend exactly what we needed to be done.

We couldn’t have gotten through that quick turnover without her organization and understanding about how associations work, and what we needed.

Joanie has coached me for more than a year, and has changed the way I approach my work and the way I work with others. The emphasis on strengths and the depth of knowledge about strengths that she brings to the table mean the conversations always focus on the positive, which I really appreciate. Her insights and perceptive questions have helped me approach difficult business situations in new ways, with practical solutions. Joanie’s a real pro, has deep expertise on strengths-based leadership, and is always fun to work with.

TalkTalent with StrengthsSwag

Share Your Strengths